2 thoughts on “Biography”

  1. kanchan says:

    hi amiah
    you just awesome; i don’t know
    i really likes you lot !
    lust time i watch your (HOTGVIBE)
    public porn . you are so dareing.

  2. Juan Ignacio Villarroel says:

    Hi there Wonderfull Amirah !! I don´t know why I never knew You before…but ;thank´s to God I found You! Let me tell You that you are amazing;have a beautiful body and a perfect ass…but I´m pretty shure that You are a great woman as a person asswell; I can see in you´re eyes you´re kindiness and a good spirit…I would like to meet You in person one day…I invite You to come to my coutry any time..I send You my best whishes and God bless you. Sincerelly to you : Juan Ignacio Villarroel. You´re admirer. I hope to get an answer from you.
    Chile – South América.

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